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Rebellion of Frostmane
Welcome to Rebellion Web Site, PVE Alliance guild on Frostmane.
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Two new heroics down but one video!
15/01/2013 11:45 PM by Aroo

I guess Petee did not expect two new heroics kills so only first one taped,
check it out right here!

Video made by Petee!

And if you interested in logs, can find it here:


We still here and recruiting once again!
03/12/2012 09:28 PM by Aroo

Hello to our new round of recruit!

Since we are trying to keep our roster tight, we run into some problems since some of our raiders have some RL problems, so we looking to expand our roster a bit.
Perfect time to get into progress raids and work for a kills with not so retarded people.

So what we look for

Well, best would be DK dps with tank offspec, but we not so greedy, Paladin also ok, even holy. We do not have Hunter at all so if you one, do not be shy.
Best is to check on left side or on forum http://rebellionguild.guildomatic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1524

Some of our latest videos!

Will of the emperor

Stone Guards hc


Congratulations us we made the cataclysm a cripple!
15/02/2012 09:13 PM by Eleena

Congratulations us we made the cataclysm a cripple!

It is with pleasure I announce that after weeks of pinching pimbles on Azeroths properly grumpiest rollercoaster. We finally managed to fend off the living pimbles of doom, Long enought to treat Deathswings back of a very bad case of Acne.

This was done with only the small side effect of cripplling the sod, forever binding him to a wheelchair. A very fine job if I may say so myself!

However, for some obscure reason, the madman was not so pleased with our rather kind act of clearing his back. And has decided to lash out at us! Even denying us of our rightfully earned loot! Ofcourse such an act of outrage can only mean we must teach the blummin' bastard some manners!

Ofcourse this entails dropping the sod along with his wheelchair to bottom of the ocean!


To the creatively impaired, this means we have killed Deathwings spine!(??) However much that sentence makes sense...


Wrath of Unchaining
Gloves of Liquid Smoke

Also thanks to Jamestoo we have nice killvid, heck and its only been a day! (Also look at his UI! ...It SPARKLES!)


11/01/2012 09:49 AM by Anvilmar
Back to the fire realm with you Ragnaros. You've been old news for quite some time now.
[Ragnaros] Its to soon!
Shut up..

Anyway we made some nice progress these past weeks and it's about time that progress made the news.
5 out of 8 heroic is the current score and hopefully we'll improve that soon enough with Warmaster Blackhorn.

Were always looking for new members to strengthen our ranks so feel free to drop an application if your interested.

Have a good one and enjoy watching me die on both of jamestoo's kill videos below.


Firelands conquered
19/11/2011 05:34 PM by Aroo


The last one has fallen. News is old but its here, last reset we did it.

The Story
This tier we were running 10 man show and it went quite well. But we got offer from one group of to join our forces and go for 25 man, but it did not work out, so we back to 10 man.


Video by Eggbird

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