Frost Death Knight - Reddes

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Frost Death Knight - Reddes

Postby Reddes » Sat Sep 01, 2012 20:06

The Important Info

Character Name - Reddes
Class - Death Knight
Primary Spec - Frost DW
Secondary - Unholy / Frost 2H

Armory Link - ... s/advanced


Graphic Card - HD Radion 5770
CPU - AMD 3.3Ghz Quadcore

Avg FPS - 40-60
Avg FPS in 10s - 30-50

Connection Speed - 60 Mbps
Avg ms - 20-40ms

Raiding Progress

Everything Pre-Wrath was Raid PuGs and PvP.

Wrath of the Lich King

Cleared 10/25

Obsidian Sanctum
Cleared 10/25

Eye of Eternity
Cleared 10

Cleared 10 (across other characters) All Hardmodes bar last 2

Trial of the Crusader
10/25 Cleared

Trial of the Grand Crusader
4/5 10

Icecrown Citadel
Normal 10/25 Cleared
Heroic 9/12 at the time, most pre 10% buff.

Vault of Archavon
10/25 Cleared


Tier 11

Throne of the Four Winds
Normal 10 Cleared
Heroic 10 Cleared

Blackwing Decent
Normal 10 Cleared
Heroic 10 5/6 (Nef to 30% prenerfs)

Bastion of Twilight
Normal 10 Cleared
Heroic 2/5 (Council to last phase prenerfs)

Tier 12

Normal 10/25 Cleared
Heroic 5/7 (During T13)

Tier 13

Dragon Soul
Normal 10/25 Cleared
Heroic 10 5/7 (25 2/7) Prenerfs (0-5%)

Baradin Hold
10/25 Cleared

Specific Fight roles

Magmaw - Worm Kiting
Conclave of Wind - Life Platform Add Kiting (hated it)
Nef HC - P1 Adding
Hagara - 10 Man - Chaining

Previous Guilds

Originality Inc - Silvermoon/Alliance

This was my guild for T11, joining a few week following the release of Cataclysm as my previous guild for Wrath on another server collapse from the wait for cataclysm.

The reason I had to leave the guild was a combination of multiple issues bundled together.
The primary reason was due to attending a long course requiring a lot of my out of hours time leaving raiding a struggle.
Other reasons include being in the middle of moving house and internal issues with the guild due to poor recruitment stunting progression, which in turn lead to the collapse of the guild following my departure.
This extends into why my Firelands progress was sparse due to the course I was attending.

Consequence - Kazzak/Horde

I joined the guild a little while after the release of Dragon Soul following an offer from a friend during Wrath.
When I joined the guild was on 1/8 Heroic, and progressed on the other 4 kills.
I was on a break for a month (2 Weeks holiday/2 Weeks away from home for work) and during this time the guild had collapsed.
Supposedly due to arguments within the officers circle.

Since there wasn't anything to go back to, I decided to continue with my break, waiting for the release of Mists.
I have been off break as of one month ago and have been looking into finding a new guild in preparation of Mists.

The Class Stuff

Primary Spec and Why.

I have been playing Frost since 3.3s buff to the spec, with rotating between blood and unholy before that.
I enjoyed the play style and feel better than the alternatives and this still holds true to through the Cataclsym changes and the recent Mists changes.

I am fairly up to date with the other specs in terms of the play-style though I am willing to play the other specs if needed.

My Rotation/Priorities and Gearing.

In terms of priority and rotation, nothing much has changed apart from the use of Killing Machine.

Frost DW now uses KM for Frost Strike whilst 2H uses it for Obliterate.
As the style is still very similar the changes have been easy enough to get use to.

My priority list is as follows after some testing and experience in combat with new setup -

Single Target
Keep Diseases Up > Rime Procs > HB (if KM Active, able to generate enough RP for FS if below 20) > FS (w/KM) > Obliterate

DnD > OB (UB) > Pestilence > HB > PS for RP

Gear wise, I am ivl 399 with the best gear that I have been able to acquire for this tier.
Most of the time I passed up my upgrades to others within my previous guild as, to be honest, our 2nd plate DPS was worse off in damage in comparison at the time.

Personally, the current tier has been terrible in gearing options and itemization, too much crit.

My stat setup is as follows -

Hit > Exp > Haste > Mastery > Crit

I haven't changed this much since the patch.

UI Screenshot - After patch with some add-ons that I use still broken. ... e%3A1&qo=0

Personal Stuff

Name - Ben Kimberley

Age - 19

Location - Hampshire, UK

Occupation - Tech Support Engineer, though recently unemployed.

Personal Stuff

Why am I applying?

My personal motivation in raiding being able to raid with other great players that also share the same mind set as myself;
Being able to enjoy each others company whilst being able to participate at top of the realm competitive levels and progressing towards what we love, the kills.

At the same time I would also love to enjoy the company in and out of the guild making that much more than a set pattern of activities.
With that being said, I believe that I would make a great addition to your team considering my experiences with WoW and gaming over the years.

Above of the above, Cataclysm has been rocky since T11, but I have all the time in the world for MoP and am looking forward to raiding properly again.

About Me

Well my main hobby is primarily gaming, varied across multiple platforms and genres and ranging from the biggest to the more obsure games around.

In terms of MMOs currently being played, I have at least sampled most of the big ones including SWTOR, Rift, Tera and some brief moments on the GW2 Beta awhile back.
I also play other competitive games online such as League of Legends and BF3.

Outside of this, I enjoy all sorts of other things, socializing with friends and going out and about, reading and designing etc.
I am also looking to get into practice with video editing and Photoshopping again.

Biggest thing I do enjoy when relating to WoW, and other MMOs in general is having a good laugh and enjoying it with others who I'd like to consider friends.
Otherwise nothing but a World of Workcraft (poor tastes indeed).

Additional Information

I am Horde at the moment, and I am willing to transfer to any realm and change faction ASAP.
I also have every intention of being raid ready within the first week to be ready for the raid release the following week, including the possibility to roll Monk at sometime in the future.

If there is anything I might of missed or you have any further questions on, please let me know.

Reply Section

To add to this on Silvermoon with Originality Inc, we did achieve realm first Al'Akir 10 Man Strict, Realm 4th overall. We was the top 10 man guild at the time before the guilds demise.
Just to beef the app a little.

I also do have Vent/Mumble/TS setup and a working mic.

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Re: Frost Death Knight - Reddes

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